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Best Steakhouses In America Ranked

Best Steakhouses In America Ranked

Best Steakhouses In America Ranked – Correction 4/12/22: A previous version of this article stated St. Elmo Steak House is located in Illinois. The restaurant is located in Indiana, not Illinois.

Correction 2/9/23: A previous version of this article included a photo from Golden Steer Steakhouse in Forest Park which is unaffiliated with Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

Beef is booming, according to Business Insider. Americans regularly buy and consume beef more than any other kind of meat. Although you can always fire up the grill and prepare your filet from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of steakhouses all across the country to get premium steak, incredible sides, and a complete luxury experience. So whether you’re looking for a steakhouse that serves up innovative twists on classic favorites, or an old-school luxury joint where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a massive, perfectly seared cut of meat, there’s a good chance there’s a steakhouse near you that fits the bill.

The best steakhouses in the United States combine skill, preparation, and respect for local ingredients to create memorable dining experiences that you’ll be thinking about for days (or even weeks) to come. From diners to high-end fusion restaurants, these steak joints will leave you craving more.

Buckhorn Exchange

If you’re looking for a hearty and homestyle steakhouse experience without any frills or fuss, Buckhorn Exchange in Denver, Colorado, is a great pick. The steaks are massive, made for sharing, and full of bold flavors. Plus, since your server cuts your steak table-side, all of the juices stay locked inside the perfectly seared crust until the very last second. If you want to make the most of your trip to Buckhorn Exchange, it’s a good idea to come with a big group of hungry meat-lovers. Up to five guests can split one of their colossal 4-pound steaks, topped with oodles of sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Dining solo or simply not the sharing type? Check out their 8-ounce beef tenderloin steak or a heaping serving of Gramma Fanny’s famous pot roast. The meat is tender and infused with flavor, and you can taste the love in every bite.

B&B Butchers & Restaurant

B&B Butchers & Restaurant has an on-site steakhouse and a butcher shop, so it’s pretty apparent that they know their meats. With two locations in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas, B&B Butchers & Restaurant is the epitome of Lonestar State dining, featuring beef that’s dry-aged to perfection. You can also get either Japanese or North American Wagyu beef for a special treat.

It’s good to stick close to the basics when you’re dealing with a steakhouse of this caliber. B&B Butchers & Restaurant does a mean filet mignon and a heavenly beef Wellington. The beef Wellington is cooked to be medium-rare, enwrapped in a flaky pastry, and dripping in decadent sauce — in a portion big enough for two hungry patrons. The filet mignon is a thing of beauty, cooked precisely to your liking with a crispy crust and a melt-in-your-mouth interior. If

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Best Steakhouses In America Ranked

Doe’s Eat Place

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Doe’s Eat Place is a local spot famously dishing up incredible steaks in a classic, at-home atmosphere. The meats at Doe’s Eat Place are delicious and hand-cut with plenty of marbling for the perfect ratio of decadent beef to fat. Plus, they don’t skimp on the portions. Their porterhouse is a beautiful cut of meat, rich and decadent all on its own or with one of Doe’s Eat Place’s famous sides.

The grilled asparagus takes the meaty edge off the steak and provides a little texture, but if you want to go full-on decadent, get the macaroni and cheese. It’s creamy, packed with flavor, and perfectly homemade. If you’re not quite as hungry, but want to sample some of Doe’s Eat Place’s fine fare, their filet mignon is a solid option, available in 8-ounce or 10-ounce portions. Served alongside some of their legendary creamed spinach, it’s a meal to remember.

Estância Brazilian Steakhouse

Everyone should visit a Brazilian steakhouse at least once in their lives. And if you happen to find yourself in Austin, Texas, there’s only one spot to go — Estância Brazilian Steakhouse. Not only will you get to savor a plethora of prime, juicy meats, you’ll also save a buck or two. Estância Brazilian Steakhouse’s “experience” option features a virtually never-ending parade of different delicious beef cuts, plus all-you-can-eat salad.

Although it would be hard to pick just one, their bacon-wrapped filet mignon is particularly impressive, with the crispy bacon playing off the soft interior of the steak. Additionally, the garlic-infused top sirloin is on point with a beautiful balance of potent garlic and rich meat. But save some room for their sides, too. The mashed potatoes, polenta, and cheesy bread are perfect accompaniments to your meaty meal, and their dessert menu is impressive, too.

4 Charles Prime Rib

4 Charles Prime Rib is a New York City institution that oozes elegance and sophistication. From its ornate chandeliers to the handsome dark wood decor, it’s one of the best spots in the city to grab a phenomenal steak. There are a few things that 4 Charles Prime Rib does exceptionally well, including serving extraordinary renditions of traditional cocktails and grilling up substantial servings of premium steak. However, reservations are certainly required since it’s such a renowned gem.

The classics are king at 4 Charles Prime Rib. Try their creamed spinach, loaded baked potato, and dry-aged ribeye steak, dusted with just the right amount of seasoning. You can kick it up with béarnaise sauce and a generous sprinkle of gourmet salt. Their truffle macaroni and cheese is full of sharp, bright white cheddar and earthy black truffle, and, although it’s classified as a side, it’s a meal as it is.

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer’s family of restaurants spans Denver, Philadelphia, and Portland, and, if you’re based in or visiting Portland, Oregon, you definitely have to check Urban Farmer out. Urban Farmer believes in using local ingredients combined in innovative ways. Their Portland, Oregon location fuses a farmhouse aesthetic with a high-end steakhouse for a communal, sophisticated vibe that makes you feel right at home.

Then there’s the steak; sumptuous, grass and corn-fed local beef served with local wine and plenty of appetizing side dishes, like macaroni and cheese and fingerling potatoes. Aside from their steak, the shrimp cocktail with avocado, cilantro, and lime is next-level amazing. Their butternut squash soup is excellent, too, with several different layers of flavors and an earthy bite of sage at the end. You can also dress your steak up with truffle and blue cheese butter, or add a generous slice of bone marrow with charred bread, onions, and lemon.